Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Thursday 24th Dec, 2020
Friday 25th Dec, 2020
Saturday 26th Dec, 2020
Monday 28th Dec, 2020
9am – 6pm
Tuesday 29th Dec, 2020
9am – 6pm
Wednesday 30th Dec, 2020
Thursday 31st Dec, 2020
Friday 1st Jan, 2021
Saturday 2nd Jan, 2021
Monday 4th Jan, 2021
9am – 8pm

Prescription Request

The fastest and easiest way to request your prescriptions is via the online form below.

Prescription Request Information

  • Please allow 2 working days for prescriptions to be completed. If the prescription has not reached your pharmacy within 2 working days please contact us at Mungret Medical Centre.
  • The fastest and easiest way to request your prescriptions is via the online form below.
  • The form can also be downloaded for printing or digital completion, and returned to Mungret Medical Centre.
  • Following best practice, prescription requests cannot be taken over the phone.
  • Prescriptions will be sent digitally to your nominated pharmacy.
  • Prescriptions are not available in paper form / printed off form.
  • Fees may be applicable for prescriptions.
  • For patients attending outpatient/hospital appointments please ensure the prescription given to you reaches Mungret Medical Centre to allow us to update your records. In certain circumstances an outpatient/hospital prescription will be needed before we can issue a script to your pharmacy.
  • The duration of repeat prescriptions will be dependent on the medical considerations around same and will be determined by the GPs of the practice. Short scripts may be given to allow time for consultations, blood tests, etc.
  • If you have entered non-prescription information and/or non-prescription requests or similar, unfortunately we are unable to process the same.
We recommend having one regular pharmacy.
e.g. Bisoprolol
Once a day
Every day
e.g. Ibuprofen Gel
Up to four times a day
3 or 4 days a month
Accepts image and PDF files.

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